Benefits Of Registering A US Company

5 Benefits Of Registering A US Company For Freelancing

I missed out on many great opportunities over the years.

I turned down clients who offered much higher rates. And I had to turn down partnership offers from some great companies.

These deals would’ve made me a much better freelancer. If only I had a PayPal account.

Popular payment services like PayPal and Stripe are still not fully available in developing countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. And it looks like the service won’t be coming to these countries any time soon.

Most clients don’t want to pay freelancers via direct wire transfers. And having to register with weird payment services that they’ve unheard of, always makes them less excited to hire freelancers from developing countries.

This has been a problem for me for many years. It’s not just about PayPal either. When I mention I’m located in Sri Lanka, a third-world country, many clients make lowball offers. And sometimes even never replies to an email.

I recently realized that there’s actually a solution to all these problems. And that is to register a company in the US.

How To Register A US Company While Living In Another Country

How To Register A US Company

If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, you may not want to read this right now. Because registering a company is something you only have to think about when you’re making decent money as a freelancer.

If you’re at that stage where you want to take the next step as a freelancer, grow your business, or want to start an agency, keep reading. Because there are tons of benefits to registering an LLC (Limited Liability Company) as a freelancer.

And as it turns out, you can actually register your business in the US, even if you’re located in a country outside the US.

Can you believe owning a freelance service agency registered in the US? Imagine all the big clients you could reach out to as a US agency.

The process is really simple as well. There are services out there that specialize in this type of service. They handle all the paperwork and the legal work for you to get your company registered in the US while you sit back and relax in your country thousands of miles away.


Clemta is one of the most reputable services that handle this process quite well. It helps you to get your LLC or C-Corp registered in the US in Delaware or Wyoming. Those are two of the best states to register a company in the US.

Clemta does all the heavy lifting to get you your own tax ID numbers, register your own US bank account, and even handle accounting and bookkeeping for you.

It’s a very seamless process that can be done within a few minutes. And it all happens online!

Registering your own LLC has many benefits. But registering a business in the US takes things to the next level. Here are some of the top reasons to consider doing it.

1. Get A US Bank Account & Easily Transfer Funds

If I were able to get a US bank account, it would solve one of the biggest problems that I still struggle with every day. And that is getting paid by clients and companies.

With a US bank account, I can get my own PayPal account or even use Stripe to receive payments. And maybe even start a dropshipping business on Shopify.

When you register your company in the US, getting a bank account in the US is simple. US business registration services like Clemta handle this as well. With a US bank account, you can easily create a fully functional PayPal account or Stripe to process payments.

2. Get Better Paying Clients & Projects

I often think about creating my own freelance agency. That would be my next step to take my career to the next level. But the thought of registering a business in Sri Lanka always have me second-guessing the decision.

As a business registered in Sri Lanka, I will always have to use my Sri Lankan address when offering my services. And I already know how clients will perceive and treat my business when I’m coming from a third-world country.

However, if my agency was registered in the US, I can charge the same rates agencies in the US charge and be recognized as a more reputable company. Not just for clients in the US, but for clients in the UK, Europe, and other countries as well.

3. Find Investors & Sell Products In The US

If you’re thinking about launching a startup or a product in the US, you will have to have your company registered in the US.

This is an obstacle that keeps many wannabe entrepreneurs living in other countries from chasing their dreams. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With your company registered in the US, you can sell your products in the US without any problems. You can even raise capital from investors for your startup.

4. Better Laws & Affordable Tax Rates

The US actually has more affordable tax rates than most other countries. In fact, you don’t even have to pay state business tax in some of the states in the US, like Wyoming.

If you can register your business in a state like Wyoming, you’ll be able to save a ton of money. These states also have better laws and regulations for businesses as well.

5. Migrate To The US?

If you’ve been thinking about moving to the US to start a business, one of the best ways to do that is to register your company in the US beforehand. Then do some business, pay taxes, and then getting a US business visa will be a walk in the park.

Some of the best visa options you can look into are E-2 visa and L-1 visa. These are easy to obtain when you have a business already registered in the US. And it could lead you all the way to obtaining a resident visa in the US.

Who Should Register A US Company?

Unless you move to the US or have someone trustworthy to handle all the paperwork, registering an LLC in the US for someone living in a different country would be virtually impossible.

This is why I think services like Clemta are perfect for individuals and entrepreneurs for starting their dream agency or business in a country that has the best economy.

If you’re a freelancer like me, an entrepreneur looking for a better opportunity, a creator wanting to go big with their dropshipping business, or even someone thinking of moving to the US to start a business, you should consider registering a US company right now.

It will open so many new opportunities for you.