10 Useful Design Blogs Every Freelance Logo Designer Should Read

Staying updated on the latest news, trends, and topics related to your industry is an important part of being a freelancer.

This is especially true for logo designers as the design industry is a constantly changing space. New design trends, strategies, and concepts come out almost every day in the world of design.

As a logo designer, it’s part of your job to stay up to date on these topics because your career depends on them. One of the best ways to do that is to follow and read blogs in your niche.

Today, I handpicked a few amazing design blogs for logo designers. In fact, all types of freelance designers can learn so much from these blogs. So go ahead and bookmark these sites and remember to read them regularly.

1. Logo Design Magazine

logo design magazine

Logo Design Magazine is an online publication completely dedicated to logo designers. One of the best parts of this website is that it’s a community-authored publication so you’ll find great reads from expert and experienced designers just like you.

The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to logo design, including guides, design news, case studies, inspiration, and lots more.

In addition, the site also has a big collection of reviews and complete guides on how to use popular design contest sites like Hatchwise to participate in design contests and land logo design jobs.

This is a blog that every logo designer should follow to not only learn about the latest news but also to improve their design knowledge and land logo design jobs.

2. The Dribbble Blog

dribbble blog

Dribbble is a platform loved and admired by many designers. The reason behind their success is how they put quality over quantity. The same can be said about the Dribbble Blog.

The official blog for the Dribbble platform is like a treasure trove of informative guides and articles. It features a wide range of topics covering all aspects of design, like the importance of inclusivity in design or how to handle rejection.

This blog has different types of articles for all kinds of designers.

3. Creative Market Blog

creative market blog

Creative Market is a popular marketplace among designers. It’s the go-to place for finding templates and resources for design projects. Their blog also has some valuable guides and articles for designers as well.

Creative Market Blog covers articles on several different topics but their main focus is on some of the technical topics related to design, such as color theory, design history, and color palettes. Of course, they have an entire topic dedicated to logo design as well.

4. Logo Geek

logo geek

Just as the name suggests, this blog is dedicated to all the logo design geeks out there. It’s a magazine that covers every topic you can think of about logo design.

The site has articles and guides related to every aspect of the logo design process. Not only that, but it also has guides to help you start and manage a logo design business. Or even learn about branding design.

There are tons of great resources on this website that will take you months to get through.

5. Canva Blog

canva blog

Canva Blog is one of my favorite design blogs. Mainly because it covers topics in such detail and in-depth that makes it really worth your time. If you want to learn about a topic, just reading one article on this site can cover the content worth two guides.

Logo design is one of the many categories of the Canva Blog. It also covers topics related to branding, marketing, and has topics related to teachers, students, and non-profits as well.

6. Shaping Design

shaping design

Shaping Design is another amazing blog for designers. It’s from Editor X, a Wix platform for building websites. Naturally, most of its topics are related to web design but there are useful topics related to graphic design as well.

The design category on the website covers some very interesting topics that you probably won’t see on other design blogs, like the psychedelic design trends, information architecture, and more.

7. Design Shack

design shack

If you’re looking for complete step-by-step guides on logo design, tips on choosing the right apps, or handpicked collections of design resources, Design Shack is a site you should keep a close eye on.

Design Shack mostly covers design resource collections, including logo design templates, logo mockups, fonts, and more. It also has reviews, comparisons, and guides for designers as well.

I’m also a regular contributor to Design Shack so you’ll find some of my design articles there too.

8. The Creative Edge

creative edge

The Creative Edge by 99Designs is another must-read blog for freelance designers. This blog will educate you on building a business to find inspiration for your next project.

While most of the topics on this blog are business-related, they are all focused on graphic design. You’ll find plenty of articles and guides related to logo design as well.

9. Creative Boom

creative boom

Creative Boom is a site you can go to find inspiration for new and innovative projects. Most of the articles on this site will make you stop and think about how you approach your career.

The site has lots of different articles related to design culture, inspiration, interviews, tips, and even has a podcast. Follow this blog if you want to take your design knowledge to the next level.

10. Logo Design Love

logo design love

When you’re stuck on a design project and figure out a way to approach a logo design, take a short break and visit this website.

Technically it’s not a design blog but it’s more of a constantly updated collection of logo design examples. It’s one of the great places you can find amazing logo designs for inspiration.

Wrapping Up

In addition to reading blogs, you can also listen to design podcasts and follow YouTube channels to learn and fill your brain with useful design knowledge.

Whatever you do, don’t stop learning new things. It’s the only way to stay relevant as a freelance designer.