21 Lessons On Finding Work, Landing Clients,
and Earning More As A Freelancer

What You Get From The Book

A Step-By-Step Guide

Learn how to get started as a freelancer without taking any risks.

Case studies

Learn what kind of mistakes other freelancers are making with actual real-world examples.

Bonus Content

The book includes email templates, freelance contract templates, 70+ job sites, and more free stuff.

6+ Years Of Experience

This book includes everything I've learned in the past 6+ years as a freelancer.

What's Included?

Here’s what you get from this book.

Who Is This Book For?

Unlike other books on Freelancing, this eBooks offers an actionable plan that you can go through step-by-step to get started in freelancing and build a profitable career.

This is a book for both beginners and freelancers who are looking find more work to earn a profitable income from home.

Why Buy It?

No need to quit your job or take any risks. With this guide, I will teach you how to properly get started as a freelancer without taking a risk and earn a profitable income to achieve financial freedom.

All you have to do is read 1 chapter per day and take necessary action that I advice in each chapter.

Free Sample

What Qualifies Me To Give You Advice?

I’ve struggled for over 4 years before making a profitable income as a freelancer. That’s because I made a lot of mistakes along the way and I had no one to give me advice. That’s why I wrote this book outlining all the mistakes I made and all the strategies that helped me to reach my $5K a month goal.

How I Wrote This Book

I wanted to make this the perfect book you can find on freelancing. So, I went through all the freelancing related books on Amazon and copied all the reviews people have left for those books. Then I analyzed them to figure out what type of content people really liked and what they wished the books had included. Then I compiled all those ideas with my own experience to craft the chapters of this book.

Only $14.99

PDF version of the book is fully illustrated with graphics, screenshots, and artworks to offer an entertaining reading experience.