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Announcement: I’ve decided to discontinue my free email course. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can still learn about freelancing by reading my How To Start Freelancing guide. It’s free!


Are you thinking about getting started in Freelancing? Having trouble getting new clients? Trying to earn more money online? Here’s what you need to do.. 

My email course: “7 Steps To A Successful Freelance Career” contains everything you need to know about how to properly get started in freelancing, secret tips for making more sales, and winning big clients online. All 7 lessons (+ a bonus tip) will get delivered right to your inbox over the course of 7 days, for Free.

Here are just a few of things you can expect from this course -:

  • How to safely switch from your Day-job to freelance.
  • How to choose the right freelance platform to offer your services.
  • Tips on optimizing your freelance profile to score more clients.
  • How to figure out the perfect price for your services.
  • Expert tips for beating your competition.
  • A Bonus Tip on keeping a steady income through freelancing.

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