Free Word Invoice Template for Freelancers

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Invoicing is the best part of working as a freelancer.

It’s okay to admit it. There’s no feeling like sending that invoice to a client after finishing a project.

Even though it’s an exciting process, you shouldn’t rush to send your invoice.

Start by downloading this free invoice template for Word and create a professional invoice.

Your invoice is still part of your personal brand. So always send a beautifully-designed invoice to show off professionalism to your clients.

I made this free Word invoice template just for you. It’s completely free. You can download and use however you like.

Remember to customize the design by changing colors, fonts, and other details to fit your branding.

Free Word Invoice Template for Freelancers

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Note: This template uses the Open Sans font. You can download it for free from Google Fonts. Install it before editing the document.

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