Is Skillshare Worth It In 2022? Why I Bought An Annual Subscription

skillshare worth it

So, I finally bought a Skillshare annual subscription.

Even though I’m normally a bit too frugal when it comes to buying subscriptions, getting the Skillshare subscription was not a difficult decision to make.

I always prioritize investing in myself above all else. And Skillshare is definitely worth it.

I wholeheartedly believe that Skillshare is one of the best investments you can make to not only improve your skills but also improve your life.

Although, I’m not going to convince you to get the subscription (but you should if you want to). Instead, I’m going to tell you why I paid for a full year of Skillshare and what I plan to do with it.

And, before you ask, this is not a sponsored article. Even though I use affiliate links, I did not get paid in any way to write this post. I paid for the subscription with my own money.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into the article.

My New Year’s Resolution

The main reason I bought Skillshare this year was that it was part of my New Year’s resolutions.

One of my goals this year is to learn a new skill every month. It’s going to be a tough process but I intend to keep this goal every year.

I’m confident that learning something new, even if it’s just cooking or photography, both of which have nothing to do with my freelance writing career, should come in handy someday.

Who knows maybe I’ll get hired to write for a food recipe blog in the future.

Jokes aside, I really enjoy learning new things.

And, as B.B. King once said, “the beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

Why I Use Skillshare


To accomplish my goal of learning a new skill every month, I needed access to a good learning platform.

I actually looked into many different online learning platforms before settling with Skillshare.

LinkedIn Learning was great but it was way too expensive. has some amazing courses from reputable colleges, but the courses were way too complex and too long.

Udemy has short and affordable courses, but most of the courses had poor quality.

So I finally decided to choose Skillshare as my main learning platform for this year.

It’s Super Cheap

skillshare pricing

I was surprised to see that Skillshare had introduced a new pricing scheme. Now, Skillshare offers affordable pricing based on the user’s region.

Since I live in Sri Lanka, a developing country, I was able to get a whole year of Skillshare subscription for just $30.

I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

In most regions, the pricing is around $9 per month and sometimes higher. Still, it’s cheaper than a Netflix subscription.

Thousands Of Classes For A Single Price

skillshare classes

Normally, you have to pay separately to access different courses on a platform. Udemy, edX, and most other platforms have this pricing model.

But on Skillshare, I’m able to access thousands and thousands of classes for a single price. Much like Netflix.

This was perfect for my yearly goal. And it comes in handy for my work as well.

Occasionally, I have to do deep research on topics when writing on topics I don’t know about.

Using Skillshare, I can search for topics I’m working on and learn them quickly without having to read dozens of articles or eBooks.

High-Quality Classes

skillshare quality classes

Almost all of the classes on Skillshare are taught by professionals, creators, and entrepreneurs.

Each class is made with such high quality that it makes the whole process of watching a class much more enjoyable.

When comparing to Udemy, I noticed a huge difference in Skillshare classes.

Is Skillshare Worth It?

I’m very happy with my decision for getting the Skillshare yearly subscription. Especially since I got it at a great price.

And I look forward to learning new skills throughout this year. I already completed a new skill this month. I’ll share more details on that in a later post.

As I always say, the best investment you can make is in yourself. So if you have any spare cash, first invest in developing you skills further. That will bring in more money for you to save later.

If you’re also thinking about getting Skillshare, you can try the services for free. The first month is free when you sign up with this link. You can cancel anytime. But I don’t think you will. Once you get hooked, you’ll keep learning.

If you’re in South Asia or a developing country, I think you’ll get access to cheap pricing plans too. So it’s worth checking out.

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Roshan Perera
Roshan Jerad Perera is a freelance writer, blogger, and founder of His main goal is to help others get started in freelancing and guide them toward a successful career and financial freedom.
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