how to find amazing stock videos

How To Find Amazing Stock Videos For Freelance Projects

Have you ever had a feeling of Deja Vu when watching a video on social media?

Well, that’s because they all use the same stock videos!

Everything from business promo videos to motivational videos all look the same these days, all thanks to low-quality free stock videos that everyone uses. And it’s turning into an epidemic.

In a way, some freelance video editors and creators are indirectly responsible for this stock video epidemic, at no fault of their own. So, today I wanted to arm you with a few helpful tips and tools to fight these terrible videos by finding better and high-quality stock video for your freelance projects.

Let’s get started.

Why Sourcing Quality Stock Videos Matters

why source stock videos

There are good free stock videos in abundance these days. Some of the most popular free stock sites have attractive videos and those are usually the go-to choice among most freelance editors. And that’s the problem.

The quality of these stock videos is hard to measure when everyone uses them.

Imagine using one of those stock video clips in a project for a high-end client, only to find the same clip being used in a cheap YouTube video about a controversial topic after a few days.

It will instantly degrade the value of your client’s business as well as your reputation as a professional.

You should not have to sacrifice quality for quantity!

One aspect that separates cheap freelancers from professional freelancers is the quality of their work. And that’s something you should care about above all else if you want to build a successful career!

5 Tips For Finding The Best Stock Videos

As a freelancer, you’ll have to face a few difficult challenges when working with clients on video projects. Here are a few ways to tackle them.

1. Working Under A Client Budget

If a client wants to create a social media promo video for $50 bucks, they can easily go to a site like Fiverr to find a cheap freelancer who’s willing to do it. And they’ll probably do an okay job at it.

But, there’s a reason why most clients go to the freelancer who does it for $500. It’s because of their reputation, professionalism, and, above all else, the quality of their work. To get there, you need to prioritize quality.

I know most clients come to you with small budgets for these projects, but you don’t have to let that hinder the quality of your work. There are some easy workarounds for this problem.

videvo pricing

For example, many high-quality and premium stock video sites now offer subscriptions. These subscription plans are quite affordable and allow you to download unlimited videos for the price of just a couple of premium video clips.

2. Always Check Licensing Terms

Stock video licensing is one of the biggest minefields that you should learn to navigate from the very beginning.

Most stock video sites have very vague and hidden licensing terms that will often put your client and your work at risk.

For example, some sites will let you download stock videos for free and even use them in projects, but they don’t mention in clear terms whether you are allowed to use those clips in commercial projects.

videvo licencing

As a professional, you should always use platforms that have clear licensing terms that define whether the clips are allowed to be used in commercial projects or on platforms like YouTube.

3. Video Quality—Highest Isn’t Always The Best

Most professionals will always look for the 4K videos. In most cases, this is a good method to increase the quality of your productions.

videvo 4k

Although, in some projects, it’s okay to go with a Full HD stock video, instead of a 4K video. Especially if the Full HD video looks better than the 4K video.

Most projects, like loop videos you create for social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it won’t matter because the platform will limit the resolution of your videos either way.

4. Storytelling Is Important

Storytelling is one of the most important aspects of creating any type of video and it’s something you should try to prioritize in every project.

videvo collections

Before downloading stock videos, look for clips that have meaningful content that goes beyond just simple content. Find content that speaks to different cultures, evoke emotions, and truly connect with people on a personal level.

5. Try To Avoid Overused (Free) Footage

It’s okay to use free stock videos. In fact, sometimes you’ll find better clips among the free pile than what you find on some premium sites.

The key is choosing the right stock video site to download them.

videvo free stock videos

Don’t even bother with the most popular free stock sites. The clips on those sites have already been overused. Instead, stick to sites that are niche and smaller, but have higher-quality footage.

Pro Tip: Maintain A Personal Stock Video Library

Keep in mind that the videos you download from premium stock sites are yours to keep.

This means you get to use them as many times as you like, even after your subscription ends. That’s a handy trick that most freelance creators often forget.

A great approach is to maintain a stock video library of your own. For example, I have an external hard drive full of stock videos.

However, only a few premium stock video sites allow this. So make sure to check the licensing terms of your favorite site before stockpiling premium stock videos.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are ways to deal with even the cheapest clients without having to sacrifice quality. You just have to be creative when dealing with those projects.

I hope you’ll put these tricks to good use and make your videos even more amazing than ever before.