How To Create The Perfect Freelancer Profile On UpWork

It’s been several weeks or maybe months since you signed up as a freelancer on UpWork but you still haven’t had any luck landing a job.

Sound familiar to you?

Having an incomplete freelancer profile or a profile with poor copy is one of the main reasons why most freelancers have a hard time landing clients on platforms like UpWork.

Because when you apply for a job on UpWork, the first thing your client do is checking your profile to learn more about you. And an incomplete or a bad profile might give your clients the wrong impression of you.

UpWork,, People Per Hour,, are all great freelance platforms you can use as a starting point for your freelance career. However, just registering an account and filling it up with some random text is not going to work out well for you.

If you’re serious about making a career as a freelancer, the first thing you need to do is create a complete and an attractive freelancer profile.

So, here’s what you should include in your UpWork freelancer profile.

Note: UpWork is currently the most popular freelance platform on the web. So, I used the platform as an example to show you how to create a great freelancer profile. But, you can use these tips to create a solid profile on any other platform.

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#1 Use Your Real Name

Even though it’s common sense to use a real name when doing business, a lot of freelancers are still using fake names on their freelancer profiles.


Don’t be ashamed of your true identity. Don’t be afraid to use your real name on your freelancer profile. It will help you stand out. Your name doesn’t have to sound cool or common. There are too many John’s and Jane’s out there. We don’t need more!

Also, Avoid abbreviating your name (eg: John S. or Amy C.). Use your first and last names, for god sakes!

If you’re afraid of exposing your true identity, then get out of here! You don’t belong in the freelancing industry.

#2 Upload A Professional Photo

Don’t even think about using a selfie or a really weird close-up webcam photo as your profile picture. That’s a mistake most amateur freelancers make.


Get cleaned up. Dress well. And ask someone else to take your picture. Make sure not to give too much attention to the background. More importantly, SMILE!

Did you know that smiling not only makes you more attractive and look confident, but studies have found that it also increases your chances of getting promoted in your job.

If you can, go to a studio and get a photograph taken by a professional. It’ll be worth it.

#3 Craft A Specific Headline

Your headline should describe your job title. So, try to be as specific as possible to make it easier for your client to understand what you do.


No, not like that.

This is not Twitter. Use a more professional headline

For example, if you’re skilled in writing eBooks then describe yourself as an “eBook Writer”, instead of just “Writer”. Or “WordPress Plugin Developer”, instead of “Web Developer”.

Narrow it down to a niche and you’ll have a better chance at getting discovered on a big platform like UpWork.

#4 Write Your Bio In First-Person

Don’t describe yourself in third-person like you’re narrating a movie and avoid writing your freelancer profile as if it’s a page on a corporate website.


See what I mean. Did you enjoy reading that description?


And take a look at this. See what’s wrong here? Does this person sound like a professional copywriter?


Yes, this one’s a real profile too.

Instead, what I want you to do is to get personal. Imagine that you’re writing this bio to send it to an acquaintance. Not a close friend or a hiring manager, but someone who doesn’t know you very well.

Something like this.


I wouldn’t call that the perfect bio, but it’s efficient. And I must admit that last postscript made me laugh.

Your clients aren’t interested in your hobbies or your life goals. So, keep those personal details to a minimum. You’re creating a freelancer profile, not an online dating profile. And try to keep the description below 200 words.

#5 Describe Your Qualifications And Experience

It’s best to include a sentence or two about your qualifications and experience in your bio. But, try not to brag too much. Don’t be like this guy.


Also, use the “Employment History,” “Education,” and the “Other Experiences” sections to add more personality to your profile.

#6  Showcase Your Best Work In The Portfolio

UpWork has a separate section in your profile for showcasing your portfolio. Use it well to show off your best projects.


Upload an attractive image, write a detailed description of the project, and include a link to the source.

If you’re trying to create a profile on a different platform that doesn’t have portfolio section, use a site like Behance to upload your work and simply include links in your freelancer profile bio.

#7 Connect Your Social Networks

UpWork lets you connect your social networks and portfolios with your freelancer profile.


Even though the links to your social profiles won’t be shown to your clients, it’s important that you connect at least a couple of your social profiles with the platform as it helps UpWork to better understand you to create a more personalized experience and to show more relevant jobs in the “Find Work” section.

#8 Skill Tests Aren’t Important, But Take Them If You Can

“The more relevant tests you pass, the more professional you look”

At least that’s what UpWork says on the website. But, it doesn’t matter how many tests you pass on UpWork. Client’s couldn’t care less about these tests because these tests are no match for real hard work.


A skill test in Windows XP? Is this 2001?

As long as you have a solid portfolio to show off your reputation you shouldn’t worry about taking any tests.

But, feel free to take as many tests as you can, if you have the time.

A Few More Tips For Going Forward

  • Run A Spell and Grammar Check: Use a tool like Grammarly to check your profile bio for any errors before making it public. It will only take a few seconds to save yourself from a huge embarrassment.
  • Steal It: If you can’t figure out what to write in your description or even how to write it, check out some of the successful freelancer profiles to get an idea.
  • Ask For Reviews: Most clients will immediately leave a review once a job is complete, but don’t be afraid to ask for a review if they didn’t.
  • Ask For Referrals: If your client says you did a great job, then ask them to refer you to other clients. There’s no shame in asking for a referral or help.
  • Add A Video: UpWork now allows you to include a video in your freelancer profile. This is a great way to attract more attention to your profile. But, not mandatory.

Remember, your freelancer profile is your online CV. So, don’t make it too personal. Forget about your hipster styles, selfies, and emojis. Be professional, or try to act as one.

Now, go wow your clients with your amazing profile.